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Our Story

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Culinary Co. idea began with the mission to offer new standards in the food service industry and improve working conditions in proffesional kitchens. George Pieri, the founder of Culinary Company after many years working in food industry became familiar to its problems and its missing needs. Founding Culinary Co. in 2015 start to support owners and chefs in the industry to provide better culinary experiences in better kitchen working conditions. 

During the years, the company grows and more people join the team. Talented and passionate young people, all with a strong culinary and hospitality background, consist a strong team which supports continuously the company’s partners. Every day the chefs of the company research for new ideas, procedures and products to upgrade their valuable partners. Having always in mind our costumers needs and their benefits we strive every single day to do our best and serve them with the best possible way!

Professional consulting, iKitchen project and valuable, premium ingredients consist the succesful recipe to upgrade any food service business and reach new culinary horizons!

Our Mission

To offer solutions to our partners and create the best culinary experience to their guests.

Our Vision

To ensure production, efficiency, consistent and tasty food. Upgrading your business daily to provide better food and satisfy your customers.

Our Values

We are your partner, not just a dealer. We try our best daily to improve the food service, both in taste and in creating better conditions in the kitchen.

The Key of Success

Our Guiding Principles

Our 15 principles reflect who we are and what we stand as a company.

Costumer Commitment




Respect for People

Will to Win

Be Passionate about serving others

Pursue Excellence

Create a Relationship of Trust

Grave Knowledge and feedback

Invest in Partnership & Collaborate

Embrace Teamwork

Be Professional

Work in Partnership

Provide Exceptional Value and Quality