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Ananas Curry

If you like it exotic and fruity, you will particularly appreciate and enjoy this composition.

Curry Classic Spice Mix

Indian spice mix according to a traditional recipe with mild-aromatic picancy and fruity note.

Jaipur Curry

Suitable for spicy curry fans. Hot, but excellent in taste.

Garam Massala

The mixture is usually added after the end of cooking and gives the dish a spicy taste.

Lemon Curry

This curry is pleasantly spicy with a fine, fruity lemon note. This makes it perfect for poultry and fish dishes and can be wonderfully combined with vegetables and rice.

Orange Curry

A fruity curry, refined with juicy, sun-ripened oranges. It is ideal for meat and fish dishes, but also for seasoning your own fruity soup rations.

Purple Curry

Our Purple Curry Blend gives fish, seafood, crustaceans and poultry of all kinds the final touch of color and taste. For cooking and refining, purple curry is used in the same way as conventional curry mixtures.

Tandoori Massala

Tandoori Masala is an Indian spice mixture of hot and aromatic spices for dishes that are prepared in the tandoor. The main components of Tandoori Masala are ground chilies, cumin and coriander seeds

Thai Curry

Thai Curry is high in cayenne pepper and other hot spices. Suitable for spicy curry fans! Hot, but excellent in taste.