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Decor Spices

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Blossom Blend
for Decoration

Decorative flower mixture of dried and cleaned flowers and petals of cornflowers, mallows, marigolds and roses, in the colours orange-red, golden yellow, blue, red and purple.

Blue Corn Flower Petals
Extra Blue

Sorted, edible cornflower blossoms, ideal for decorating and serving. The typical scent and its beautiful blue-violet colour enrich every culinary creation. Ideal for salads, fish, desserts, dressings and fruit salads or for flower teas.

Chili Threads

Universal, decorative condiment with subtle piquancy and a mild fruity flavour.

Decorative Fruit Mix
with Blossoms

Colourful mixture of flowers and fruit pieces to decorate desserts and other sweet dishes.

Rose Petals

Pure eatable rose petals. The typical odour and the beautiful dark red colour enrich every culinary creation.

Tomato Flakes

Tomato flakes are a dry product made from sun-ripened tomatoes. The tomato red flakes are very concentrated in taste. 1 kg of tomato flakes corresponds to about 13,9 kg fresh tomatoes. Tomato flakes can be used to season and flavor soups and sauces. Excellent for pasta dishes.