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Freeze Dried Herbs

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Strong, slightly peppery piquancy with a slight sweet note​


A mild leek and onion-like flavour defines the taste of this classic herb.


Characteristic sweet, spicy flavour with an aniseed-like touch.

Herbs de Provence

Characteristic sweet, spicy flavour with an aniseed-like touch.

Italian Herbs

Mediterranean herbal mix of basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, sage and savory.

Levanda Blossoms, Extra Blue

Typical of southern French cuisine and can only be used for robust dishes. Lavender flower salt goes well with lamb dishes.


Mild, pleasant spice, underlined by a fruity-lemony bitterness.

Mint Green Top Quality, Cutted

Fantastic smell and taste and is very popular in North African cuisine in salads. It also goes well with various meat dishes such as beef, pork or lamb and can also be used in various desserts.


Vigorous, spicy and aromatic piquancy with a slightly tart touch.


Strong, resinous aroma with a slightly tart bitterness.


Mediterranean herb with characteristic scent and pleasantly bitter, spicy taste.


Intense spicy aroma with a slightly peppery note.


Spicy and flavourful, complemented by a slight bitterness.