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Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Blood Orange Olive Oil

When was the last time you tasted a blood orange muffin and could actually tell the difference? Extra virgin premium olive oil met with the essential oil of blood orange only to create a powerful combination and seduce us with its' full taste.

Butter Olive Oil

Use this unique, infused extra olive oil as a butter substitute in baking or anywhere you might use melted butter including: over hot popcorn, with seafood i.e. crab or shrimp, over pasta, to dip bread in, mashed potatoes, rice etc.

Chili Olive Oil

The premium quality of greek olive oil hosts the spirited red pepper . We invite you to try the flavor of Chili without too much heat, in an olive oil that will “heat things up” just a little!​

Chocolate Olive Oil​

That's right. Chocolate! Real, intense, yummy chocolate reveals itself in every teaspoon of this magic extra virgin olive oil. Use it in desserts, cakes, ice creams and also create culinary fusion masterpieces that no one will believe!

Curry Olive Oil

Pleasantly flavored, this Curry Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil will add a warm, familiar curry influence on many dishes. Drizzle over roasted veggies, brush over corn on the grill, use with yogurt as a chicken marinade or finish a creamy soup.

Garlic Olive Oil

Once you open the bottle, you’ll know why you had to have this extra virgin olive oil! Smooth, well rounded taste with roasted finish and that distinct scent of garlic, generously given away by the cold pressed bulb root. Enjoy the health benefits of that strong combination, in every drop.

Lemon Olive Oil

Smooth, well rounded with fruity finish and no acidic aftertaste, this Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides your dishes with a superb and unique twist.

Lime Olive Oil

With smooth, well rounded olive-fruit taste, tropical finish and no acidic aftertaste, this Lime Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pleasant surprise to everyone who tastes it. Ideal with asian fusion dishes and every other culinary creation.

Pesto Olive Oil

This Pesto Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect match for Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Ideal for every pasta dishes, bruschetta and perfect with chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Pizza Olive Oil

So fresh and herbal this innovative Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfect drizzle on pizzas, salads, pastas, garlic bread and various appetizer - your favorite wonderful finishing oil!

Saffron Olive Oil

The golden, colorful spice. Floral aroma, precious and unique flavour. Ideal for raw dressing on risotto, fish soup, shellfish, mild sauces.

Truffle Olive Oil

Imagine earthy round aromas traveling you in romantic places. That’s what our Truffle Infused Olive Oil is all about. Use it to finish your favorite dishes and experience the magic in its taste.

Vanilla Olive Oil

Excellent for innovative desserts or over ice cream, yogurt and cheese. Try it to replace the vegetable oil when baking brownies for a healthier and more aromatic version!

Wasabi Olive Oil

The perfect way to add wasabi touch to your fusion style dishes. This surprisingly gentle oil is not about the heat but all about the unique taste of wasabi. This Wasabi Extra Virgin Olive Oil complete perfect your asian - fusion dishes, seafood, meat, salads and potatoes.