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Powders – Dusts

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Ananas Fruit Powder

To refine jams, for the exotic kick in creamy desserts and smoothies, as a fruity note in ice cream or muesli: the pineapple fruit powder is the perfect accompaniment for numerous sweet creations.

Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder is used as a coloring in ice cream and fruit juices. It is also ideal for coloring pasta.

Cherry Fruit Powder

To add a sweet-fruity cherry note to creamy desserts, to spice up yoghurts, smoothies, milkshakes, breakfast bowls and to refine cake creams.

Mango Fruit Powder

The mango fruit powder from gives both cake dough and cake masses an intensely fruity taste, but also provides tasty moments of happiness in muesli, in smoothies, in dessert creams and in homemade ice cream

Pashion Fruit Powder

Passion fruit powder inspires new creations - both in the preparation of desserts and in the mixing of cocktails and mocktails! The fresh, pleasantly sour fruit flavor of the passion fruit perfectly rounds off creamy desserts, homemade ice cream, cake fillings and smoothies.

Raspberry Premium Fruit Powder

Fruity raspberries are really versatile: they taste good in desserts, in muesli and as a smoothie, but also as a fruity addition to salads.

Spinach Powder​

Spinach Powder is mainly used to color foods, e.g. all types of pasta, rice, green soup dishes.

Strawberry fruit powder​

Strawberry fruit powder is used wherever you want a strawberry touch that is intense in color and taste.

Activated Charcoal, Black Powder

Great for coloring all kinds of things. However, there are no special flavors to mention in this case. Activated carbon is tasteless.