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Premium Salt

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Himalayan Salt, Pure, Coarse

The mild taste of the coarse Himalayan salt harmonizes perfectly with light vegetarian dishes, salads, soups and fish

Himalayan Salt Flakes

The finest pink salt flakes, mildly salty and with a crispy consistency.

Raspberry Sea Salt Fleur

This combined with Fleur de Sel is a wonderful addition to white meat, lamb and fish, as well as for the finest dessert variations.

Sea Salt Coarse

Gained through natural vaporisation, coarse-grained, French natural sea salt with a balanced mineral note.

Sea Salt Flakes

Sea Salt from Cyprus with a crispy consistency and a spicy, pleasantly bitter taste.

Black Friday, Black Sea Salt

Sea salt with activated carbon contains many minerals and is characterized by its strong, salty note. Black Friday salt can be used universally like normal fine sea salt, provided the black and gray color is desired.