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Spice Blends – Seasonings

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African Chakalaka Spice Mix

If you want to cook traditionally South African dishes or just want to try something new, you cannot avoid the African Chakalaka Spice Mix. Fruity tomatoes and smoked peppers give the Chakalaka spice mixture its typical red color.

American Burger Seasoning

Juicy, slightly spicy, hearty, authentic – in short: an original American burger patty the way you want it. The American Burger Seasoning blend with a composition of pepper, allspice, parsley, cayenne, ancho chili as well as smoked sea salt and other delicious ingredients.

Arrabiata Spice Mix

Strong and aromatic spice blend with chili and pepper and garlic for the seasoning and refining of Mediterranean dishes.

Barbecue Seasoning

Coarsely grained French sea salt, with paprika, aromatic herbs and spices, refined with a light smoky note.

Black BBQ

The balanced, spicy black dust is created by the best Demerara raw cane sugar and mix with Himalayan salt, paprika, tomatoes, garlic, smoked salt, pepper, coriander, and onion.

Bruschetta Green Olive Spice Mix

This Bruschetta composition is a spice highlight for the preparation of toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil. Bruschetta Green Olive spice mix is perfect for pizza, dipping sauces, pizza dough, baguette, ciabatta and as marinade for chicken, turkey and fish.

Cajun Spice Preparation

Creole spice mixture of sea salt, fruity paprika, spicy garlic, coriander, pepper, chilli and fine smoke aromas.

Celery Seasoning Salt

Seasoning salt with a high celery content for a varied taste with soups, sauces, meat, stews, etc.

Chicken Seasoning

Aromatic fruity pepper flavour and a spicy piquancy of pepper and curry and a mild onion-garlic note.

Chicken Crispy Panko Seasoning

This is the ideal grill seasoning for poultry. In addition to piquant and sweet spices such as paprika, cumin, cinnamon and pineapple, the spice mixture also contains panko breadcrumbs.

Chimichurri - Original Blend

Parsley, oregano, thyme, garlic, pepper, onions and paprika should not be missed in any chimichurri. That makes the world-famous Argentine sauce the culinary icing on the cake at your barbecue. Chimichurri-Original Blend scores in terms of taste.

Crunchy Chicken Seasoning

Spice salt with fruity paprika taste and aromatic caraway, underlaid with a discreet pepper note.

Fish Dalmacija Seasoning

Fine sea salt with aromatic spices and carefully selected vegetables, underlined by fine herbs and a fresh lemon note.

Fish Galicia Seasoning

With encapsulated salt, perfect for seasoning fish dishes as well as for the preparation of an aromatic fish stock.

Grill Seasoning

Fruity-spicy barbecue seasoning salt, enriched with typical spices and herbs, with a tasty garlic note.

Grill Gaucho - Argentinian Spice Mix

Strong and aromatic spice blend with a fruity pepper note and a pleasant piquancy, underlined by classic grill herbs.

Grill Mexico

Fiery barbecue seasoning salt with chili and red pepper, flavoured with cumin and garlic and an aromatic herbal note.

Style Spice Mix

A fiery blend of spices from Tunisia. For everyone who likes it spicy. Harissa is traditionally used to season soups, pasta, rice dishes, kuskus or mezze. In European countries, harissa is often used for stews with tomato sauces, for marinating chicken, lamb, fish or as a spicy dip for grilled meat.


Fine French sea salt with typical herbs such as rosemary and oregano as well as a fine note of garlic.

Lemon Pepper
Seasoning Mix

Sicilian lemon, black pepper and French sea salt result in a tangy, fresh piquancy.

Mediterranean Spice Preparation

Spicy mixture of tomato flakes, pine nuts, paprika, garlic, herbs, capers, pepper and a hint of lemon.

Magic Mashroom Seasoning

The Magic Mushroom spice mix is very suitable for soups, sauces but also for stews. In general, you can use this mixture for all dishes that can tolerate a strong taste.

Italia Spice Mix

Spicy aromatic mix of typical Italian herbs, fruity peppers with a mild peppery piquancy and a touch of garlic.

Pulled Pork BBQ Rub

Whether as a dry marinade or as a base for the meat, the Pulled Pork BBQ Rub is very versatile. This spice mix gives the pork, with its finely balanced spices, the optimal sweet and spicy taste.

Roast Pork Seasoning

Rustic spice mixture with a pleasant, peppery piquancy tempered by sweet peppers, underscored by savory garlic aromas.

Ras el Hanout Spice Mix

Fruity spicy mixture from Moroccan cuisine with seductive oriental and slightly floral flavours.

Sine Salis Spice Blend

Spice mixture with paprika, selected herbs and spices for salt-free seasoning.

Smoked BBQ Seasoning

Coarse grained French sea salt, with smoked peppers and spicy herbs, refined with tasty vegetables.

Smoked Salt Seasoning

Fine, golden brown salt specialty with the intense smoky taste of spicy hickory wood.

Stabilizer Colour-Fresh

Preparation for colour stabilization of natural colours of white fruit, vegetables and mushrooms.

Steak Seasoning

Fiery piquancy of black pepper, combined with the fruity piquancy of red peppers, seasoned with aromatic herbs.

Ting Ting Asian Spice Mix

Grilled food tastes good with classic barbecue flavours but exotic, Asian spices also go wonderfully with grilled meat, fish and vegetables, seafood and poultry.

Vegetable Butter Seasoning

Balanced, mild spice blend of vegetables, spices and herbs, underlined by a delicious butter flavour.

Za'atar Spice Mix

Za'atar is a traditional blend of spices that is widespread in North African and Arabic cuisine.