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Bay Leaves

Mediterranean spice with aromatic, gentle tangy piquancy and a slightly tart note.

Blue Poppy Seeds

Free-flowing blue poppy with a characteristic slightly nutty flavour underlined by a mild bitter note.

Black Garlic, Peeled Cloves

It is soft, can be used by melting it easily in hot and cold sauces, as a spread in marinades, in salads, pasta, as an ingredient in superfood bars.

Black Garlic, Paste

Balanced garlic flavor with light coffee notes but also a soft, sweet aftertaste. It promises delightful moments of pleasure when paired with salmon, trout, roast beef or sausages.

Cardamon Ground

Cardamom is used to spice both sweet and savory dishes. It is widely employed in Indian, Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Swedish cuisine.

Cardamom seeds

Apart from curry powder, cardamom is used in European cuisine for Christmas baked, but also for sausages, liqueurs and as a component of spice mixtures.

Caraway Seeds Whole

Spicy flavour with a bitter herb note.

Cayenne Chili Pepper Ground

From fiery red chillies with the characteristic, delicate smoky taste with intense spiciness..

Chili Flakes

Spicy-fiery chili flakes for spicy and hearty-spicy dishes.

Chili Ground

Hot and spicy chili powder for all hearty and spicy dishes.

Cinnamon Ground

This fine cinnamon impresses with its soft sweetness, which is complemented by a mild piquancy.

Cinnamon Whole

This fine cinnamon impresses with its soft sweetness, which is complemented by a mild piquancy.

Coriander, Coarse

Coriander is native to the eastern Mediterranean. The spice is now grown all over the world

Coriander, Ground

Smooth and spicy, underlined by its slight sweetness. Fits for all kinds of dishes such as bread seasoning, Christmas seasoning, etc.

Gloves Whole​

Fiery-spicy flavour with aromatic piquancy, perfect for game or sweet specialties like gingerbread, etc.

Cumin Ground

Intense fresh flavour with a gentle picancy. An essential ingredient of the Arab, oriental and Asian cuisine.

Fennel Green, Whole

Its aromatic, slightly sweet taste and smell are reminiscent of licorice or anise.

Garlic Granulate

Hot and spicy flavour with a slightly sweet note.

Ginger Ground

Spicy and hot with subtle lemon notes, perfect for the Asian cuisine, piquant dishes and sweet specialities.

Chipotle Smoked Jalapenos, Coarse

The red Jalapenos Coarse is ideal for spicy sauces and for all dishes in which you prefer a flavorful, spicy note with a well-tolerable spiciness.

Juniper Berries Whole​

Spicy flavour, mild bitter note and a slightly resinous sweetness.

Lemon Grass Ground Thai

Lemongrass is very popular in Asian cuisine. It goes perfectly with ginger, coconut, garlic, shallots and allspice.

Mustard Seeds Yellow, Whole

This seeds have a mild, nutty taste. They only gradually develop their pungent aroma during cooking or pickling.

Nutmeg Ground​

Intense spicy powder, highly aromatic with a slightly sweet-bitter picancy.

Nutmeg Whole

Intense spicy, highly aromatic with a slightly sweet-bitter picancy.

Onion Granules California

The Onion Granules California 1st quality are often used for sauces and soups. Also it goes well with almost all spices.

Organic Pure Red Saffron Threads

A small quantity of this organic Greek red saffron adds an exquisite flavor, color and aroma in all your dishes.

Paprika Purpuro​

This precious paprika characterized by high colour yield and a pleasant, very mild hotness.

Paprika Smoked

Sun-dried, fruity paprika with a fine smoky flavour, intensive spiciness thanks to gentle processing.

Pepper Black Coarse

Spicy and aromatic pepper with a strong pepperiness.

Pepper Black Whole​

Spicy and aromatic pepper with a strong pepperiness.

Pepper Coloured Coarse​

Balanced, strong and spicy pepper mix of white, black and green pepper and rose pepper berries.

Pepper Coloured Whole with Pink Berries

Balanced, strong and spicy pepper mix of white, black and green pepper and rose pepper berries.

Pepper Green Whole Freeze Dried

Mild aromatic pepper with a pleasant, mild piquancy.

Pepper Green Whole in Brine​

Finest fresh green peppercorns, pickled in brine and vinegar. Fresh and spicy with characteristic pepperiness.

Pepper Mix Grand Cuvee Coarse

This pepper mix fits wherever the use of black pepper is required.

Pepper Rose Special Dried​

Pleasant sweetness with a subtle bitter fruity note. Perfect as decoration, gives a delicious flavour.

Pepper White Ground

Full bodied pepper with a strong and direct pepperiness.

Star Anise Whole

Star anise has a strong sweet, spicy-warm taste with a subtle bitter note. For Far Eastern and sweet cuisine.

Sumac Ground Top Quality

Sumac goes particularly well with casseroles, meat, fish dishes or with bean or rice dishes.

Turmeric Ground​

Earthy, bitter and spicy aroma with a slight piquancy and a slightly bitter note. Main component of curry mixtures.

Fenugreek Seeds, Whole

Fenugreek has a spicy – salty aroma, also in terms of taste this aroma can be found again, whereby a strong bitter note dominates here. This bitter aroma is strongly reminiscent of lovage and celery.

Cumin Seeds, Whole

Cumin smells strongly aromatic and has an unmistakable heavy aroma. In terms of taste, this spice is warm, sweet and bitter.

Cardamom Green, Whole

Cardamom is one of the oldest and most valuable spices in the world. By grinding the seeds, a reddish to brownish-gray powder is obtained, incidentally the main component of numerous curry and masala mixtures. However, the capsule can also be stewed whole or slightly crushed in dishes.