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Stocks – Bouillons

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Beef Fond Strong Liquid

Instant beef concentrate made of best South American beef, harmoniously underlined by mild flavours of roasted onions and a subtle spice bouquet.

Organic Clear Chicken Bouillon - 182 L

Strong chicken bouillon made of premium organic ingredients, chicken and chicken fat. Highly versatile and ideal as addition to fresh organic products, for flavouring and refining of soups, sauces, meat and other dishes.

Vegetable Bouillon Salzburg Style - 182 L

Spicy vegetable, Austrian bouillon for making clear soups and perfectly suitable as refinement or as a base for soups, sauces etc.

Fish Bouillon - 400 G

A tasty fish soup that is low in fat and contains neither palm oil nor added colourants and flavour enhancers. With its natural and strong taste, it is perfect as a base for fish soups and fish sauces or for seasoning fish dishes and stews and side dishes.