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Pomegranate Pearls

Molecular Pearls Pomegranate pearls from fresh pomegranate juice will upgrade your dishes and impress your guests. Small pomegranate juice spheres that can be used to decorate your salads, cheese and delicatessen platters, desserts or any other dish, offering a terrific fresh pomegranate flavor. Glass Jar 130 ml

Balm Pomegranate Vinegar

Premium Oils and Vinegars Bright wine vinegar with mild-tart, pleasantly fruity white wine flavour, underlined by the fruity-sweet taste of sun-ripened pomegranates. Glass Bottle 500 ml Our products may be subject to recipe changes. Relevant are the details on the product package.Images ? by Nannerl GmbH & Co KG. Further use requires a written approval.