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Tomato Flakes

D?cor Spices Tomato flakes are a dry product made from sun-ripened tomatoes. The tomato red flakes are very concentrated in taste. 1 kg of tomato flakes corresponds to about 13,9 kg fresh tomatoes. Tomato flakes can be used to season and flavor soups and sauces. Excellent for pasta dishes. 870 ml tin? 320g Produced by:…
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Apple & Tomato Chutney

Chutneys Mild apple and tomato chutney, flavored with mustard seeds, coriander and smoked paprika. A tempting company for grilled or roasted pork, poultry, burgers, cold cuts or cheese platters. Glass Jar 450 gr

Balm Tomato Vinegar

Premium Oils and Vinegars Bright wine vinegar with a mild tart and pleasantly fruity white wine aroma, underlined by the intense taste of sun-ripened tomatoes. Perfect for refining salads and subtle dressings. Glass Bottle 500 ml Our products may be subject to recipe changes. Relevant are the details on the product package.Images ? by Nannerl…
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